Unable to release firmware due to system not able to detect a device running the firmware

I’m trying to release a firmware to a group, but I’m blocked by the requirement that the firmware be running on a device. However I am running the firmware on a device that’s online. What is going on? Is this a new bug? This issue is blocking our release pipeline.

I’ve tried multiple ways of flashing my photon with this particular firmware:

  • Flashing via USB with the original binary
  • Downloading the binary off of the Firmware page and flashing through USB
  • Assigning my device to this firmware on the Devices page and locking it)
  • Switching my device to a different group, then back to this particular firmware

I have verified that my Photon is online by looking at the LED each time.

I’ve attached some screenshots to show the error.

Is your JK_DEV_BOARD_5 marked as development board?
IIRC the new firmware must be running on at least one production board.

It is not as you can see in the screenshot. But I don’t think that affects it, I’ve been releasing firmware under boards marked as development for over 200 releases with no issues until now.

Update: Reached out to Particle support and they were able to resolve the issue, for anybody else experiencing the same problem I’d suggest submitting a ticket.


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