Unable to re claim Photon

At first i claimed the device smoothly and it worked, then i unclaimed it.

Now i am trying to reclaim it but could not do it, i have searched on the community questions bt cannot find suitable solution.

  • When i try to claim it from IOS app, it goes good at start but at last step of verification, give error.
  • It blinks like " cyan then 3 times orange then green in cycle"
  • I tried to claim device from cli, but it said device is not connected to wifi, i tried to connect it to wifi, it siad “Done! Your device should now restart”, but nothing happens, it blinked 3 time orange, then continues to blink cyan.
  • I cannot enter in safe mode, (blinks white and then green, and then pattern of cyan and orange).

How can i get it working?


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You’ve already asked this question, and I’ve responded to it in that topic. Please try the given suggestions before opening new topics. Thanks in advance.