Reclaiming a device not working


I accidentally unclaimed my photon on the tinker app and tried to reclaim it. When I do, it asks if I want to change the owner, I select yes and continue with the setup. During the setup, it starts to flash cyan and sometimes orange. Once it’s “complete” it gives me an error saying it was unable to claim the photon.

It might be also worth noting that when I first try to claim it, it gives me an error. The second time, it asks if I wants to change the owner then gives me an error. The third time, it goes through the whole process then gives me an error at the end.

Is there something I need to change? I there something else I need to do?


Are you using the mobile app?


iOS or Android?

Can you place the Photon in Listening mode and do the setup again and see what happens?


I went through the setup and it asked me to change owners, after telling it to change owners it gave me an error.

Is the Photon breathing cyan after the setup?

No. Only flashing cyan and sometimes orange.