Used SparkFun Photon RedBoard, stuck at verify device ownership IOS tinker


I brought an used SparkFun Photon RedBoard off of Ebay but when I used tinker to setup up the board, its stuck at verify device ownership. I try erase and resetting the network but still stuck at verify device ownership. Are there anyway to get around this.

Thank you in advance.

Is the device getting into breathing cyan after you entered the WiFi credentials?
This is a must-have in order to claim the device.

If you get stuck in the app at that point, but the device goes into cyan breating, you can claim the device via

@ScruffR, the device finally work with tinker but I am still puzzled at what happened. The tinker app was clearly stuck at verify device ownership when I disconnect everything after waiting few minutes. The status of the device was blinking cyan, assuming in listening mode during the stuck. I try few times before but it said verify fail. I was able to see the device in dashboard. Then after unplugging the usb cord, exit tinker and when to bathroom and reconnect the usb cord; I see the device in tinker online and was able to use tinker to test it without flashing tinker into the device. So I am puzzled!

Another question, once the device is claim, could the previous owner be able to access it or see it in their dashboard?


That’s normal since Tinker is the factory firmware.

Nope, not without phyiscal access to the device.

@ScruffR, Thank you for the help. I will test it some more and see if anything else strange come up before using it. :smile: