Photon breathing Cyan, but no control from Iphone

My Photon is connected to my phone. The first time I connected, I was connected to my computer. The app shutdown right after I entered WiFi password.

The second time I plugged into the wall via USB. I wiped the Photon of all networks and tried again. This time, the Photon setup went all the way through. I even got to name my device! However, now when I click on the Photon on the app, it goes straight to Device Inspector and there are no pins that I can control. All that is displayed is (No functions exposed).

This is a huge bummer, as I bought the Sparkfun Photon kit and was looking forward to IoT beginner projects.

I thought it was the firmware error, but my Photon is still breathing Cyan, so I was wondering if there was a problem that can be fixed.



Are you trying to use the Tinker mobile app or what?

The app is called Particle. It’s on the Apple App Store.

Can you check on the Device tab that the Photon has tinker firmware installed?