Unable to pair with new Xenon

Just got my particle shipment but I can’t set up the device, it is stuck on Pairing with your Xenon! The device is blinking blue and the app is “Pairing with your Xenon” but nothing happens.

This is probably an application issue? It should have a timeout at least.

emil, I’m having the same issue (Unable to set up Boron LTE). Are you able to connect with the Xenon when plugging it into a computer?

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Nothing shows up when I connect it to my computer but I have not tried anything else like the CLI.

You should see the COM port appear in Device Manager when your Xenon is plugged in provided you’re on Windows and have the drivers installed. The drivers are included in the Particle CLI install, but drivers aren’t needed for Windows 10.

If you’re not seeing a COM port appear, then you probably have the exact same issue I do. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a solution, but it’d be good to know if the issue is with some Mesh devices and not something we’re doing wrong on our end during the set up.

No COM port, though I can put the DFU on (6 flashing light) and then it shows as DFU mode in device manager, but nothing shows up when just plugging it normally in on Windows 10.

You should NOT need drivers for Windows 10 (in fact, the are not recommended). You only zadig drivers if you want to flash via DFU. One thing to remember is that the Mesh device (or any Particle device for that matter) will not show up as a COM port if you don’t put it in listening mode (flashing blue RGB LED). If this still doesn’t work, try a different USB cable.

It is in listening mode. I’m using the included USB cable.

@emil, take a look at the first part of @rickkas7’s post in regards to flashing rc25 to your device. You can apply the same approach for the Xenon.

Make sure you grab the correct bin files for your Xenon.After flashing the hybrid bin file, flash the tinker bin file as well. After this, hold the SETUP button for more than 10s to get the rapid flashing blue then try setting up using the phone app again.

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I have the same issue. My xenon immediately wanted to update so I let that happen. Now it is stuck on blue flashing. I go through setup in the app and it hangs at select network to join but never shows any networks. I have an argon next to it and connected/paired to the cloud.

I set up 1 Boron, 5 Xenon’s, and 1 Argon today and I had to sometimes close the Particle App and then restart the setup process again after the new firmware had been loaded onto the device. So try that a few times if it takes that long or never shows a network.

Also try a different phone or tablet if you can’t get past a certain step on one device, especially if it’s a Samsung device.

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The second time it asks to scan the qr code, do you scan the qr code of the device already on the mesh? And are both in listening mode?

You are asked first to scan the device you are adding, then the assisting device. In theory the assisting device should be any device on the network, however in 0.8.0-rc.25 it appears that this only works if the assisting device is the gateway, so I would use that rather than a different Xenon on the mesh network.

I’m having a similar issue. I setup an Argon and Xenon no problem. Then when I tried to do another Xenon I too am stuck at the pairing part.

I’ve already reflashed to that firmware anf the 26 version. I’ve restarted my phone, uninstalled the particle app. double checked it’s permissions. Everything seems fine. Any ideas?

I am having issue in paring Xenon and Argon.

Updated the firmware but same issue

My Device Huawei Honor 6X

I also am having this issue on rc27.

Original Argon + 1 Xenon were paired with factory firmware. I tried to add 2 more Xenons today and they both upgraded firmware okay, The phone connects okay to the device in setup mode and I get the tick in a green circle with the device name. the app moves to the join network steps automatically where I select the existing network showing 2 devices. Then I scan the assisting device which is the Argon, connected to the internet, and I get an error saying

Error Unable to find your mesh device. Make sure the mesh device's LED is blinking blue and that it's not connected to any other devices.

The Xenon is blinking blue.

I tried closing the app on the iPhone as suggested above but that did not resolve the issue. Both Xenons behave identically.

If your assisting device is an Argon it needs to be that Argon which should blink blue (aswell as the Xenon you want to join the network) :wink:

If you watch all the subtitles (3 or 4 different texts) in the animation that precedes this step it should be clearer that you need to put the assisting device into Listening/Setup Mode (blinking blue) while the other one already is blinking blue - don’t mind that the app keeps refering to a Xenon instead of a more general term (I have complained about this officially already several times ;-))

Thanks both joined now.

The confusion for me is when it said use the assisting device it states that device must not be connected to other devices. So I consciously decided that it could not mean put the Argon into setup mode as it had existing devices connected and would, in anything but a non-trivial scenario, always be the case. My bad.

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As ususal, found an answer here to pairing problems, although,still not convinced Meraki’s at work with their anti-ap stuff did not interfere.

Oddly, my Argon never turned to a blue LED, it’s solid green. So wondering why it paired with no blue led - bad directions? firmware? odd. everythign is up to date firmware wise.

Solid “any colour” is never a good sign but suggest some kind of deadlock.

But if it still worked and the device doesn’t seem to misbehave otherwise it may be filed as a one-off :wink:
If the behaviour is reproducable, it might get more interesting tho’