Can't connect 2 mesh devices to a computer at the same time

I can’t connect 2 mesh devices to my computer at the same time. I have a Boron on com3 but when I connect a Xenon (which should be com5) it doesn’t show up in the com port list and I can’t access com5. I restarted my computer and connected the Xenon first and it shows up as com5 but then I can’t get the Boron to connect and show up on com3. Both devices are breathing cyan.

Update: I can no longer get the Xenon to connect to the com port at all.

I have successfully flashed code over the serial port to both of them in the past. But now they have stopped working.

Both devices are running on OS 0.8.0RC26

Do the devices show up in Device Manager?

BTW, when you see issues it’s always best to use the latest RC (currently 27).

No, only the Boron shows up in the device manager. Neither of my Xenon devices show up.

@cliquot22, which version of Windows are you running? Do you have the devices setup for DFU programming (ie. installed the Zadig driver)? Do you have Particle CLI installed?

I am running Windows 10 Pro. I have the CLI installed version 1.37.0.

I’m not sure about the DFU programming. I’ve programmed the devices through the CLI and OTA.

@cliquot22, I’ve had some issues with Win10 where the COM port assigned by Windows gave me problems. I had to go to Device Manager for that COM port and modify the COM port number to a different one to make it work.

You may want to get Zadig to install the DFU driver as it allows you to flash devices much faster over USB using DFU mode. On the CLI that would look like particle flash --usb whatever.bin for example.