Unable to claim Photon. Repeat Title

Hi, I have taking a embedded class atm using the photon so I have limited knowledge on some of the more advance way to tackle this problem.

I put the photon in listen mode.
Connect to it with the phone app.
Am able to find it, and connect to it.
Find my wifi network, and am able to connect to it.

Midway through the next step on the app, The light changes to breathing cyan and said "setup completed successfully"
I do not see the device under my account, and I believe it skipped the step that let me claim it from the forum post I have read.

I have repeated this process 4x now. Using a rapid blue light mode to make sure it was not used by another user before myself.

Not sure why that would happen, but you can also claim the device via Web IDE (or CLI if installed).

You just need to find out the device ID and then in Web IDE (make sure to be logged in with to the same account in Web IDE and your mobile app)

Hit ADD NEW DEVICE and enter your device ID (while the device is breathing cyan).
After that your device should appear in the list of available devices and by clicking on the device name you can rename it to what you want.

After that you should also see the device in console.particle.io/devices and your mobile app.

The only other time I have faced this issue was when the Photon was configured to a product owned by someone else.

How do you find the device ID.

Either via CLI particle serial identify (while the device is in Listening Mode) or via any serial terminal program and sending i (for identify) to the device (also in LM).

FAQ: finding the Device ID



Sorry to hear you were impacted by this bug! This has been fixed in version 2.3.11, which has been pushed to the Play Store and should be available on your device within the next hour or two.

If you have any other questions or concerns with the app, please let us know.