Ublox modem firmware update

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Hi, Does anyone know how to update the ublox modem Firmware of a Boron LTE?

How to load Ublox Firmware upgrade for SARA R410 LTE on the Boron

Usually Particle would supply an NCP update binary to be flashed via CLI.
This way Particle can make sure the ublox firmware is compatible with the device OS.


Can this be circumvented by the AT commands?
Cellular.command(10000, “AT+UFWUPD=3\r\n”);
Followed by
Cellular.command(10000, “AT+UFWINSTALL\r\n”);
and run the risk it will work withe the OS?


I’d defer to @rickkas7 for that :blush:


It’s theoretically possible to use AT+UFWUPD to do FOAT (firmware update over AT). You’d need a custom system firmware build that’s able to do Xmodem and lock out all other modem activities for the duration of the upload. The files are large, many megabytes, and I’m not sure you can download those images from the public u-blox web site. Since the update files are so large, you’ll probably want to store them on a SD card or similar.

Also AT+UFWINSTALL takes around 20 minutes to execute, so you’ll need a custom build that locks out all other activities so that doesn’t get interrupted.

In practice, we’ve never gotten FOAT to work, so I wouldn’t really recommend trying it. Doing updates over the u-blox USB interface usually works. That is easy if you’ve wired it up on the E series, much harder on the Boron. There are test pads on the bottom for it.


Sounds like the u-blox USB interface is the go then. Do you mean test pads on the Boron board itself? I had a look at the pin outs and there is no mention what is what. Any chance of pointing me in the right direction to find them. I have 40 Borons that may need the modem updated… :frowning:

Boron LTE Stuck Flashing Green

@rickkas7 @ScruffR it appears Particle is about 2 versions behind on the SARA-R410M-02B firmware version=L0. [Feb 03 2018 13:00:41] modem firmware. If I am unable to update the firmware myself, when do you think this firmware update will be process and updated by particle?. Here is the link to the u-blox document outlining the firmware and its long list of fixes - https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/SARA-R410M-02B-01_PCN_(UBX-19024506).pdf


Straight from ublox - https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/SARA-R410M-02B-01_PCN_(UBX-19024506).pdf


@picsil Here is the second version of the Ublox modem firmware flasher (only for Boron LTE). You will need to mill the PCB.
Parts list as follows.
1 x 1 x 40 Pin 11mm Stackable Header Socket (or similar) LINK
1 x Pogo Pins Needle Head (10 pack) - P75-B1 LINK
1 x USB lead (4 wire)
You can download the PCB DXF file here - LINK (https://www.dropbox.com/s/2elbtvgxqn7ab34/Ublox%20Jig.v2_IN.dxf?dl=0)
It is very simple. Solder the header pins in place. Solder the Pogo pins in place. You may need to adjust the pogo pins to they are touching the pads correctly and then solder them.
You will need to have the Ublox Easyflash software and the latest SARA-R410M-02B-01 Firmware which is L0.

I have not actually tested this version but it is based off my first version that worked well. This is just an easier one to make.