How to load Ublox Firmware upgrade for SARA R410 LTE on the Boron

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I have got the latest firmware for the R410 from Ublox and want to load to load into the R410 on the boron. I have successfully upgraded other (non particle) R410’s that I work with.

To upgrade the modem firmware you need access to the R410’s USB port and the USB_Detect pin. I see on the schematic that these pins are available as test points. Is there some documentation showing where these are located on the board?



I think this is what you are looking for :slight_smile:




Hi @abstractsig. Please keep us posted on the progress of this. We would like to know more about your progress on this.

Out of curiosity, what is the reason you are looking to upgrade your ublox module’s firmware?


@abstractsig if you have any dramas let me know. It’s pretty easy to update the modem once you know how. As for @mstanley there is a big long list of reasons to update.

one of the main ones was an issue with the QualComm Chip which cause the modem to drop off the network for Hours on end.


I am doing this as I am loading my own software (a port of quickjs) and want to get all the updates in the latest release.

I have upgraded other R410’s so not expecting to have any problems. My next step it to sort out some nice way to connect to the pads on the boron.