Boron LTE on T-Mobile NB-IoT?

The specs of the Boron LTE mention that the modem is a u-blox SARA R410M LTE modem with global hardware support, so I suppose this is the SARA-R410M-02B?

T-Mobile in The Netherlands launched their NB-IoT netwerk last december, which is a Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network and uses NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT). I think this is the same technology as T-Mobile used in Germany and the US?

According to the U-blox site, the SARA R410 is certified to use on the T-Mobile network (source: ). Quote: “u‑blox has partnered with T‑Mobile US, the first operator to roll out a commercial Narrowband IoT (NB‑IoT or LTE Cat NB1) network in the US. Our multi‑mode SARA‑R410M‑02B is now certified for use on T‑Mobile’s network. A NB‑IoT only variant, the SARA‑N410‑02B, will also be available.”

Will the Boron LTE work on the Dutch T-Mobile NB-IoT network?

The Dutch T-Mobile NB-IoT site:
T-Mobile early access program: (for now free access)

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It sounds like the hardware will be compatible with Dutch T-Mobile if they are deployed on the same bands.

We are excited to roll out support for NB-IoT in the US via T-Mobile later this year when it is commercially available (2H 2018).

Verizon also announced an NB-IoT launch. Any Particle news on that front?

Unfortunately, “announced” and “commercially available” are (in our experience) usually separated by 12+ months of time.

We would love to provide compatibility with as many carriers as possible – however we anticipate that T-Mobile will get to market before Verizon based on the information available to us today.

Thanks for getting back Will :slight_smile: T-Mobile Netherlands mentions their NB-IoT LPWAN network only supports band 8 enabled modules. Is that what the Boron LTE supports? (source: ).

By the way for other Dutch visitors; T-Mobile has an early access program where you receive a sim-card and (for now) free access to their network. They will release pricing details somewhere around summer. See:

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The SARA-R410-02B supports bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 28 (and band 39 in M1-only), so you should be good.


Sounds great! I have pre-ordered (among others) the Boron LTE :smiley: I had pre-ordered the T-Mobile early access NB-IoT sim card until I realised it wouldn’t work in the electron. Great to see the Boron LTE should work with it :smile:

ps. If you landed on this topic, it would be great if you used my referral link to preorder your hardware: :wink: Thanks a lot in advance! :raising_hand_man:t2:

Update: Next to @will confirming that the SARA-R410-02B modem supports band-8, T-Mobile Netherlands also confirmed that the Boron LTE (and/or the modem) works on their network (with a side note that they have not yet been certified for the T-Mobile network, but they are planning to do so in the near future).