U.fl to SMA connector with solder mount included with E-Series Developmetn kits

I’m currently working with the E-Series development board and I’m using the little adapter cable that connects the U.fl connector on the E-Series board to a SMA jack, and can be soldered to through holes. This thing is great because it removes all the stress from the U.fl connector which is extremely

I’d like to use a similar solution in our custom E-Series implementation, but I am having a tough time sourcing that part.

If anyone has any information on where to find the U.fl to SMA adapter that includes the through hole solder mounts, I would very much appreciate it!


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all i did was search “U.fl to SMA adapter through hole mount” and this was first from google,

i have no idea if this is a valid company. it’s just that google search [and other search engines] is fairly easy and takes less time than turn around from a forum post.

Thanks for the response.

I did actually spend time searching before posting in the forum. I even found the result you posted, although it certainly wasn’t the first result.

I was hoping for a source from one of the larger electronics distributors like DigiKey/Mouser/etc.

While the product you linked uses language like “thru holes Jack right angle PCB Mount”, that doesn’t seem to be the standard terminology used by the distributors in their catalogs. Most products seem to be true “right angle” in the sense that the signal conductor is also right angle, in line with the mounting pins.

Anyone from Particle want to chime in with their supplier for these parts? Or maybe the ability to purchase them directly from Particle?

It’s unfortunate nobody from Particle responded as I too am trying to find this part, which is similar but not identical to the one above from RF supplier.

Maybe @rickkas7 can reveal its provenance?

Lol, I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem. Anyone had any luck? Couldn’t find it on Digikey :0

Edit: Seems like I found a supplier, although its from China. Decent price though:

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