Replace U.fl connector


I have two Photons where one of them has a broken U.fl connector.

First time I attached the antenna to it the metal ring fell off right away.
Not the connector itself off the PCB but the little metal ring on the top.
I have used the other photon for a long time and has never experienced this with that one.

My question is if anybody have tried replacing this connector?
I have access to SMD soldering equipment.
Is it just the two soldering pads on the side that needs desoldering?

Yup that’s correct. Just replace the u.fl connector bascially

Well, there are 3 pads - the two grounds on either side plus the center pin underneath - if you have access to SMD rework tools, it should be straightforward. Just be careful with the tiny capacitors nearby as part of the antenna switch circuitry.


Hi Andy,

Looking closer I can see the third solder pad. Thanks for pointing that one out.
I have ordered some new and hope they fit the footprint.