Resoldering uFl connector on GPS Shield

So…, this happened.

If you can’t see it, the U.FL end snapped right off the GPS board. This happened right before a deadline, so major downer. Antennae kept coming off with minor movement, so I guess I should have glued it down to begin with.

Question is, has anyone had any luck re-soldering these to their board? The exterior leads shouldn’t be a problem, but that middle lead right up against the GPS chip might be an issue.

Better yet, has anyone tried replacing with a stronger connection type?

It’s definitely not easy but it’s doable. I’ve replaced the same connector on an Electron. Give it a go and report back. I would suggest you put a dab of solder on the smaller lead, place the connector up against that, and then just solder the smaller lead. Once you get that soldered the rest is cake.