Broken u.fl antenna connector

I dropped my electron and broke off the U.fl antenna connector. I dont think i can solder on a replacement but should be able to solder the antenna to the two visible pads. Which wire goes to which? Thanks in advance!

Have you got a hi-res image of the current state of your pads?

With a small enough soldering tip you should be able to solder a replacement uFL connector - I’ve done it before.

However, not surprisingly the center wire should connect to the center pad while the shield/outer wire connects to one of the two outer pads.

From the docs


I probably shouldn’t say this in a public forum, but I also broke off a u.FL connector from an Electron (along with one of my DJI drone cameras). I emailed Particle and they actually sent me a new Electron (and didn’t even ask for the old one back).



I had a unit with a cold solder joint on the u.Fl connector:

They offered to replace it as well. Very impressive customer support.

I went a different route, I soldered wires to the pads. Probably not recommended, but I needed to get outside of a metal car hauler trailer, so this allowed me to extend the antenna with simple connections.

Too bad DJI didn’t offer the same thing. Cost me a whole new camera and gimble.