Recommend me a powerful antenna

I’m looking for a more powerful antenna for my particle elctron 2g. Can you recommend me a good one?
The problem of the original is that when I’m at some rooms at home or at some classes at university it’s not poweful enough and I can’t connect to the cloud or the connection is not stable.
Thank you so much!
PD: I’m from Barcelona, Catalonia (spain)

I’m using SMA Base Magnética Antenna 11DBI + SMA uFL adapter to get better reception for an Electron in a basement.

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thank you so much, i will try it

Hello @suda
Today I recived my SMA uFL adapter, last week i recived the antenna.
Now i want to test it but i see the adapter is a male connector, and the one in the antenna is also a male connector.
Did I buy the wrong cable? Do I buy a female adapter or I have to cut the antenna’s cable and all this stuff???
Thank you so much!
And apologize for any inconvenience!!

You may have gotten the wrong one. There are actually two connector types that are very similar: RP-SMA and SMA.

If you have the wrong type, you may be able to use an adapter such as this one (just as an example):

Since you are concerned about power, you might want to just get the proper parts as extra adapters or modifying the cable may introduce signal losses.

One other thing to keep in mind is that the module certification is for the original antenna. Using a more powerful antenna may require a re-certification, if that is of concern to you. Usually, an antenna of the same power or less does not require re-certification.

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