Electron in Outdoor Application


I am planning to use “Electron” in outdoor application. For this I need to put “Electron” in an IP65 enclosure. For this application, which external cellular antenna I should use so that it will be compatible with Electron? (This will be attached to the enclosure on the outside)


Hello @MaheshGulavani,

You should search the big retailers (RS, DigiKey, Mouser, to name a few) for an M2M outdoor antenna (3G ? 2G ? Which frequency bands are you in ? What about your electron ?).

Then you have two paths:

1- if you want to experiment with several antennas, get an U.FL to SMA cable adapter (a.k.a pigtail), since the antenna connector on electron does not tolerate too many insertion/removals, and get and an antenna with SMA connector

2 - go straight with an U.FL antenna and avoid the pigtail burden :smile:

Hi @duffo64,

Thanks for your message.

I will be using Electron for both regions with U-blox SARA-U260 & U270 (3G).


I found an active GPS antenna from symmetryelectronics.com (also got a cellular antenna there as well) that works inside the house and it wasn’t overly expensive. The only thing is you need and SMA adapter to go from male to male. I found those on Amazon (2 adapters per order) for 5.20 USD.

GPS Antenna
Part # FGPS35216-SM-ST
Product Line: 0139 - Embedded Antenna Design
PRODUCT GPS-Stubby Antenna with SMA-Male ST from EAD
PRICE $24.00 USD

Cell Antenna
Part# FTA35011-SM-RA
Product Line : Targan dual band 900/1800 MHz
Product: EAD_08192016

Thank you @jdugat for taking your valuable time on this.