Two Factor Auth has delay or something?

Today I was going to show my students my Particle Console, so the could see how Device management works for Products with several units registered. This failed since my Two Factor Authentication (TFA) failed, showing a tiny error on the top of the screen. This evening, I had a go at it again and the same happened. Then - by accident - I pressed the login button AFTER the TFA had elapsed - and THEN did login work. It’s basically delayed or off by a minute or so?

I’ve never experienced this with any of the other 6 services I use TFA with. Is this a known issue?


Thanks for writing in and we haven’t seen you for awhile, good to see you active in our forums again!

That said, I do understand you’re encountering a 2FA issue. This is not something we currently see a delay in but one thing you can try is to remove the 2FA from your account temporarily and re-add it. For additional assistance, please visit: Two-Step Authentication | Tutorials | Particle.

If you continue to have issues after this, please let me know.

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