2 factor auth support

Hi there!
I really love the idea of incorporating the whole development thing into VSCode.
Is there, however, still an issue with 2 factor authentication? I can easily login with 2FA in ParticleCLI but in VSCode it gives me “Login error” right after hitting Enter when the Password was typed…


Yes, 2FA is currently not support in Workbench

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Thanks for the fast reply - will remove it for the time being :slight_smile:

Correct the login command doesn’t currently support two-step authentication. As a workaround you can use the CLI.

  1. Launch the Command Palette
  2. Open the Particle CLI in an Integrated terminal >Particle: Launch CLI
  3. Enter particle login and proceed to login as normal

See if that works for you. Two-step authentication will be added in a future update.