Trying to transfer device - device is not connected - cannot flash and connect to wifi

I came across a couple of old Photons (a black and white Spark v1.0).

I want to transfer their ownership, they came from a company that’s not using them anymore.

I managed to flash one of them and do the particle doctor on it and get it to connect to my wifi long enough to be able to try to “particle device add …” and ask for the transfer.

But the other one simply says “Failed to claim device: Device is not connected”

I’ve tried multiple times to flash tinker and run the doctor and setup wifi. I am using my 2.4GHz network which does have a different name then my 5GHz, and I’m using WPA2.

Any ideas on how I can get this transferred so I don’t have to throw it away?

I should have mentioned…

When I plug it in is does a blink of green for a while, then blinks cyan for a while. Sometimes it’ll blink yellow once or twice and then cycle around again to the blinking cyan.

Try doing this first
(all in DFU Mode with CLI v1.39.0)

particle flash --factory tinker
particle flash --usb cc3000
particle flash --usb tinker

After that you could try

particle keys doctor <deviceID>
particle keys server

If you don’t have the device IDs you should be able to acquire them via particle identify (in Listening Mode).

If ScruffR’s suggestions don’t work, file a support ticket.

BTW you called these Photons, but it sounds like you have Spark Cores (Particle’s first product, back when we were called “Spark”).