Trying to make a minor library mod to enhance Adafruit_IO_Particle

Adafruit IO is a nice service for logging data, but even though AIO accepts data up to 1K in size, the library “Adafruit_IO_Particle” limits string length to 40 characters.

in Adafruit_IO_Particle.h simply changing line 30:
#define FEEDDATA_LENGTH 1000

allows one to log strings up to 1K in length. I confirmed that this works on photon and argon but I had trouble trying to update the library using the CLI.

My goal was to copy the existing community library make the mod, then upload the new files as a private library.

particle library copy Adafruit_IO_Particle

works to create the folder structure and place the community library files on my local drive. I can of course make the edit, but then:

particle library upload Adafruit_IO_Particle
doesn’t work:
Command parameters ‘adafruit_IO_particle’ are not expected here.

neither does:

particle library upload
You are not the owner of this library

The docs say I have to change the name of the library or update But changing the name then requires changing the references when I really just want a new version. I’m sure I’m missing something simple here. What’s the workflow for this?

The library name must be unique even across all private libraries but the uniqueness test is not case sensitive.

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