Publish from Electron to

Hi, I am new to Particle. I’d like to prototype an electron based asset tracking solution but I don’t see a simple data visualization feature as part of Particle Cloud. So, I was considering using, which I am already familiar with. Is possible to publish data from Electron to Does anyone have example code of publishing data from an electron to Thanks!

There are already severy topics in the community about that. By searching of Adafruit, you could find your answer: [SOLVED] Particle photon + neopixel +
That said, I am using another way with my electron: the elctron publishes an event, which is captured by IFTTT. IFTTT is then passing the data to

Thanks Fabien. Yes. I saw a few references to Photon connection to but not Electron connection. I’ll keep looking for that but I’ll also take a look at the approach you are taking, sending data to IFTTT and then to thx!

Also, Fabien, have you found to be reliable for your project? I sometimes find it a bit unpredictable in terms of reliability.

I am using it for 2 weeks, and it’s OK. I only plot temperature on a graph every 5min, so I wouldn’t mind to miss one or two measurements, but didn’t observe that anyway.
However last week when AWS was done, both adafruit and IFTTT stopped working. But I can’t find a way to avoid that…

sorry to resurrect an ancient topic, but i am struggling to find “hello world” for the electron and was this ever resolved? i am currently using photons and