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Sorry for the beginner question. I would like to post directly from the boron to I know I can post to the particle cloud and then use a webhook to move the data to Adafruit, but I was wondering if I could just send it directly. I found the library Adafruit_IO_Paritcle, but I am not sure it does what I need. TIA

Hi Andrew, and welcome to the community!

Perhaps this can help?


Thanks for the response. I found this example but I was confused by the use of the library name. In the beginning of the video they use Adafruit_IO_particle, but at the end they use Adafruit_IO_client. The working example in the video uses this as well as the examples in the text. Am I missing something or do they not start out using one and at the end use the other? Which one is correct? Thanks.

I never used it, but quickly looking at it this is what I think:

  • the whole library is called Adafruit_IO_Particle
  • one of the components that comes with the library, is called Adafruit_IO_Client

This is what they say:

  • Adafruit_IO_Client(tcpClient, AIO_KEY) – Used to create an AIO client

So, what would I do?
I would try the library Adafruit.IO and use the Adafruit_IO_Client component in it.

Best of luck, if you get stuck post again!

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I got it working. Thanks so much

great to hear and CONGRATS!!! :fireworks:

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