Adafruit AS726x library

Hi everyone, newbie question… I’ve searched for the Adafruit AS726x library but it isn’t in the community libraries. I’ve tried to understand how to add this library but to be honest I got lost very quickly. Could someone be kind enough to provide some pointers on how I could add it? Much appreciated.

You can add the library to your CODE in the WebIDE manually by using the “+” at the Top Right Corner, then copy/paste the .h and .cpp files from GitHub.

See this shared link.
It compiles, but I have no idea if it works correctly.

And if you want to contribute the library to the public library repo, you can do that via CLI.

Once you the library set up on your computer locally (according to default file structure via particle library create --name <yourChosenName> --version <e.g. 0.0.1> --author <yourName>), you can add the required sources, add info to as needed, upload and after testing publish the library using these commands

particle library upload
particle library publish

Just a quick run-down :wink:

Thanks Rftop - very kind of you to share the link - I didn’t know it’s possible to share code in this way! I just need to finish wiring it up then I’ll give it a test to see if it’s going to work ok.

Thanks ScruffR - I haven’t explored the CLI yet. I’ll try to get my project up and running then I’ll get to grips with it. Thank you for your guidance.

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