Library Dead Link - ADAFRUIT_SSD1306

In the web ide, if I go to the libraries tab and search ADAFRUIT_SSD1306 i find a result that seems very widely used. I wanted to submit a PR for this library but the GitHub link icon is broken. It’s a dead link. I’m guessing the library was moved or something. Can someone fix the link? Is there any other way to know where the source of this library actually is other than clicking that icon in the web ide?

There was never a Github for that port of the library. Unfortunately there’s no way to submit requests in that case.

Intersting. So where to the Particle libraries live? Also, why does the link point at

Libraries 1.0 required a Github.
Libraries 2.0 stores the files in the Particle libraries database, and does not require a Github. You can include a link to one optionally.

I see now that that library was migrated from 1.0 so that’s why there’s a Github listed, but then the owner deleted the Github, but the source still lives on in the Particle library database since it’s a 2.0 library (without an optional Github now).

Thanks @rickkas7, that information is helpful.

So, if I do want to improve upon the existing library, how would you recommend I do so?

I’m thinking I could copy the source from the library editor and paste them into my own new repo and then make the changes there and submit it back to you guys using "particle library publish "?

It’s unfortunate that there will now be two libraries that are very close to the same…

You can’t upload/publish to someone else’s library.
If there was a GitHub repo you may be able to file a pull request, but without that, the current practice is that a Particle employee or one of the Elites requests ownership for that library, creates a new GitHub repo with the existing sources and then maintaines it.

Ok. Well if one of the Elites wants to take it over and create a GitHub repo for it, I’d be happy to contribute a PR. Currently the library can only be used with the default SPI peripheral or software SPI. I’d like to make it configurable so that users could optionally use SPI1. This would be useful in the case where SPI is already is use.

@jschaenzle, had you seen my port of the Adafruit_SSD1306?

I saw that on GitHub but I couldn’t tell if it was the source of the Adafruit_SSD1306 library in the Particle library database or not. That’s basically where this conversation started. Is your library the source for the library in the Particle database that has 98k downloads? If so, would you be open to me submitting a PR for the feature I described above?


Someone had cloned my repo and posted it. I would gladly take s PR!

Oh ok cool! So if we make an update we should be able to get it updated on Particles end as well?
I’ll get to work!

@jschaenzle, the PR will go against my repo but I haven’t posted my library to the Web IDE. Once you do the PR I will need to publish the library under a modified name like Adafruit_SSD1306PK.

@jschaenzle, there also is an Adafruit_SSD1306_RK library on Web IDE that was contributed by @rickkas7 - no idea why he didn’t mention that in his post above :wink:
His GitHub repo can be found here

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