Trying to configure photon but asks for a password

i am trying to connect and configure the photon particle with the app on my iphone but when i click on the photon in my wifi settings it asks me for a password. i did not set up a password prior to this. please help. thanks.

I had the same with Android app. Switched to CLI mode from PC. While listening to online Spottify music ‘Particle login’ complained about not been able to connect to internet. That’s weird. Found out my Netgear wifi router was configured at Looks like the Particle software (Android and PC) does nog query for gateway address but expects x.x.x.1. So I changed my router to and everything worked fine. What is your gateway address?

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Ok thanks, will try that out
but I’m on my schools wifi, so admin restrictions are on. sorry so late i was trying to figure out other problems and put this to the side but now i have come back since i need this second photon