Trouble updating firmware

Hi, I tried to update the firmware from the spark-cli and it’s failing

dfu-util -l
dfu-util 0.6

Copyright 2005-2008 Weston Schmidt, Harald Welte and OpenMoko Inc.
Copyright 2010-2012 Tormod Volden and Stefan Schmidt
This program is Free Software and has ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY

Found DFU: [1d50:607f] devnum=0, cfg=1, intf=0, alt=0, name="UNDEFINED"
Found DFU: [1d50:607f] devnum=0, cfg=1, intf=0, alt=1, name="UNDEFINED"

It’s curious that name is “UNDEFINED” (it has other names in the examples)

First, the spark-cli doc implies that the deep update is built in to the cli, but that doesn’t work for me. It says you must specify a binary file to upload. I downloaded
from github, and performed:

spark flash --usb deep_update_2014_06.bin
checking file  deep_update_2014_06.bin
spawning dfu-util -d 1d50:607f -a 0 -i 0 -s 0x08005000:leave -D deep_update_2014_06.bin
Error during spawn TypeError: Cannot call method 'on' of null
Error writing firmware... TypeError: Cannot call method 'on' of null
Error: Invalid dfuse address: 0x08005000:leave

@osbock, I suggest you get the latest release of dfu-util which is at v0.7 and try again. :smile:

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In addition to what @peekay123 mentioned, the USB drivers on Windows needs to be swapped out and I have a tutorial to do so :slight_smile:

I’m just curious why are you running deep-update! Wouldn’t suggest doing so until full testing is done but yeah…

My spark core is from the first kickstarter batch I believe… and it seems unreliable, so I was hoping a firmware update would help.

Ah, I initially thought I’d updated dfu-util, but that seemed to do the trick now that I actually did!

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@osbock, I wish all problems were that easy to fix!! Glad to hear it’s working. Dare I hope you will share your projects with the community? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve had several other problems mostly around drivers. I think I’ve finally gotten that resolved. Of course I’m probably a degenerate case, having many libusb devices, so it’s understandable that the install wasn’t straight forward.

It’s incredible the amount of work that went into this, and it’s quite the elegant design. I also wanted to mention that another problem I’ve had appears to be related to interference. While I was able to claim my core via the android app, with my phone on the same network, but I couldn’t get tinker to work reliably until I switched the phone to 4G mode. I also had trouble initially claiming the core until I turned off an arduino system (tre beta) that was connected via wifi…

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