Translation help? Looking for German, Spanish and French assistance

Hi everyone -

We would like to include a line of text in several languages on our packaging. I know some of you speak German ( @Asfaloth and @dominikkv I believe?) and am hoping we can also crowd source some help with French and Spanish.

The phrase I’d like translated is pretty simple:
“Further details can be found at

Further could also be additional.

Any help would be much appreciated - I’m afraid my high school language studies would not lead to very accurate translations :blush:


For completeness/comparison/science, here’s what Google Translate has to say:

Further details can be found at
Additional details can be found at

Weitere Details finden Sie auf
Weitere Details finden Sie unter

De plus amples détails peuvent être trouvés à
Des détails supplémentaires peuvent être trouvés à

Más detalles se pueden encontrar en
Los detalles adicionales se pueden encontrar en

A strict translation would be

“Weitere Details finden sie unter www.spark…”

but I think it sounds better if you say

“Weitere Informationen finden sie unter www.spark…” or maybe
"Weitere Einzelheiten finden sie unter www.spark…"

It depends on the context :wink:

Thanks @BDub! Super helpful as usual :smiley:

PS I tend to overuse emoticons in forums, I apologize in advance!

Awesome - thanks @dominikkv

We’ll be printing this on our packaging so do you think your second examples would be more accurate?

If it is a single sentence on the package, I would go with

“Weitere Informationen finden sie unter

Awesome - thank you!

Thanks guys - we made some tweaks to the wording and now this is what we’ve got:

Can anyone who knows french, spanish, german, portuguese, or mandarin check the text to make sure it’s correct, and if not, send us corrections?

Portuguese is ok! :smile:

The german part is definitely not ok :smiley: I would go with
"Los geht’s auf"

"Для начала работы посетите"

Thank you @Cardoso @dominikkv and @Usamimi !!

Spanish approved as well :wink:

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Since Spanish and Portuguese would be clearly understandable for each other, one of those spaces could be used for Russian probably.

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@Steph feel free to send me PM / Mail for German translations you need.
Greetings from Switzerland!

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Proper French translation :
Pour plus de détails voir

The original translation although not being entirely wrong is simply not what you would normally see.

Oops ! I was refering to the very first attempt, ie “De plus amples détails, etc.”

The new wording “pour commencer, visitez” is acceptable, everybody will understand. If you care about perfect typography, but who does, it should be “pour commencer visitez :” (no comma, space before column).

@JMarc Merci! Thank you :slight_smile:

I agree, the Spanish translation looks good. Although I think some would use [encontrar aqui] instead of [encontrar en].

If you want it in Dutch…

“Verdere details zijn te vinden op” =Further details…
"Bijkomende details zijn te vinden op" = Aditional details…


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