[French reader] Spark Core presentation?

Hi there,

I don’t know if this kind of post is allowed here, so don’t hesitate to tell me if not and move it to an appropriate category or delete it.

For the french-reading people here, I have written a small presentation of the Spark Core., available here: http://www.ekito.fr/people/?p=4137

There’s a small example of REST API use: connecting a Jenkins continuous integration setup to a Spark Core.



Wow not bad! I’m sure the :spark: team will appreciate it :slight_smile:

Would you like to help do french translation for the docs?

It could be a nice idea :smile:

@aboudou, Chinese and Italian translation is already in progress.

The original thread is here: https://community.spark.io/t/localization-i18n/3232

Are you familiar with github?

You can start off by translating the start.md files in the docs folder

If you would give it a try:

  1. Go to https://github.com/spark/docs and click on ‘fork’ at the top right corner
  1. You will have an exact copy of the docs.
  1. With the new branch, go to 'docs --> click on the + symbol.
  1. Type ‘fr/start.md’ and the new dir will be automatically recognized.
  1. Copy all the stuff in the original start.md into the new file and start translation smiley


Yes, I’m familiar with github. I’ll start it at the end of the week, too many work now.

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Bravo aboodou, très bonne présentation. Pardonne le manque d’accents. Je peux t’aider un peu avec la traduction mais je n’ai pas beaucoup d’expérience sur le côté technique. :smile:

Merci pour la proposition, mais je devrais pouvoir m’en sortir pour la traduction anglais -> français :slight_smile:


Thank you for the well written presentation about Spark Core.

Puis-je Traslate en anglais et re-post sur ​​mon site avec votre crédit appliqué?

English (Google Translated) here: Read aboudou presentation in English

Hi @spydrop

Yes you can :wink:

Than You, I will past link back to your original article. Re-Published with permission.

@kennethlimcp I’ve begun French translation today. Should take a certain time :slight_smile:

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FR- Merci pour l’article et son cas d’utilisation pratique. c’est très intéressant.
EN- Thank for the article and pratical use case. Very interesting.

FR - Vous trouverez un Wiki avec des tutoriels Spark Core incluant exemples de montage chez MCHobby.

EN - You will find french tutorials on Spark Core on the MCHobby wiki.

Bonne lecture et bonne amusement