Feedback on Copy and Descriptions

Hey everybody -

I would love to get some input from you on what your experience and thoughts have been while reading the current descriptions of Triggers and Actions on our IFTTT channel - what wasn’t obvious to you? What did you have to look up? What do you think newbies will have to look up?

We are planning to put together a page as well as adding to documentation to help new users to Spark understand everything. Your feedback will help us make sure we do a great job of this, and of making our channel as clear as possible within the constraints of the system.

Thank you!

Thinking about IFTTT recipes for a bit today and just wanted to bounce a few comments out there:

I started a recipe that looks for a trigger from a FB status message with a particular hashtag (#xmas), that publishes an event to my Cores. Some confusion I’m running into is when I get to step 6 completing action fields. I realize Event Topic and Event Contents relates to Event Name and Data in the Spark.publish() context, and I wonder if this discontinuity will trip people up or if it will be helpful to have friendlier names?

The other thing that’s not exactly obvious to me is what {{MessageNoHashtag}} and {{Message}} will do if I leave that there in the Event Topic field (I know I can play and figure it out, but it would be nice if I had more info available about it). I’m guessing for my particular project I just want to change that to a hard coded value of “neostar” for my xmas tree star topper… and then give it a specific data message as “fbxmas” so I know where this particular event is coming from. I’m wanting the example text under the Event Topic and Event Contents fields to make mention of this, and/or tell me it’s ok to hardcode something like “neostar”, but that’s a lot of “text”. Another thought is if it’s possible to add to the example text a “, and for more info” link to… that explains it more thoroughly.


@Steph, so far everything is working great for me, but I only played with the publish to trigger. May be this weekend I may be able to go further more and get back to you with my comments.

Couple of things for now, for all the input fields if we can add one line description or something then it will be good. Also for the My Variable and My Function triggers The “Test Operation” is mandatory but the Test Value is not.

@krvarma Thanks! @dave did an awesome job with this. I love the idea of adding text to the input fields. I think we’re a bit limited on what we can do within IFTTT so as we add that in I’ll post something here to get additional feedback!