Any plans for IFTTT?

Any chance that we get Spark Core as a trigger and/or action on IFTTT any time soon?


Definitely on our wishlist; we haven’t yet approached IFTTT to talk to them about integration though. If this is something you’d like to see, let the folks at IFTTT know so that when we approach them, the wheels are greased :slight_smile:

Hey Zach - thanks for the response. I contacted IFTTT and suggested Spark Core/Cloud as a possible trigger/action. There were two ways to suggest; one contacting as a company and other as a user to “suggest”. I used latter option as I am not “Spark”. Hope they’ll look into it so when we go officially to them, it is already in their minds. Thanks.


@mswaleh +1 for IFTTT integration from all of us at Spark :smile:


+1 for IFTTT integration to spark!

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+1 for IFTTT magic :slight_smile:

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+1 for IFTTT. It would help me do the “turn on my lights when I get home” project. IFTTT has the location aspect, then it could trigger my home made light controller that has a Spark device in it.

I also went to the channel suggestion page ( to suggest spark integration.


I think gettin IFTTT functionality on the unit would be amazing!

I think this too, with the ifttt, and now the iphone location, it could be done to do some action when we are in our way to home and much more!

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+1 for IFTTT support

any views on IFTTT vs Zapier?

The free version of Zapier is pretty limited for anything but prototyping, basically you can only run one zap every 15 minutes to remain within the free cap.

Zapier has more channels but most of the more complex ones (premium) require a paid membership. Zapier provides greater control over some Zaps compared to IFTTT Recipes and feels a bit more polished.

IFTTT SMS channel provides limited international support, very limited here in AUS for example, whereas Zapier supports a number of SMS providers.

I find Zapier is well worth the cost. It works and works well.

Sometimes you have to pay for good things.


+1 for ifttt please.

jup +1 for IFTTT, would make for awesome projects!!!

+1 for IFTTT integration.

Would love to have IFTTT implemented…

I would love ifttt but found it a brilliant concept that was almost useless (for now)
Say i want to turn on heater if tomorrow is cold at 7pm. It only has one if.
ie weather or time, but not weather and time.
the weather is also 30km from here (limited to major capitals)

Have I missed anything? Such a simple thing to fix!

The more people that vote ifttt for spark, the better :smile:
As for zaper, it doesnt even support andriod at all. No weather, no wiemo…
Ifttt andriod support was pretty lame, what you could do, but zaper worse.
Given lots of time, they have lots of potential though.

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