Working IFTTT Integration

Built an internet controlled LED strip that can now receive commands from IFTTT. The trick was using the method described at to generate a web hook which was handled by a python web server hosted on the Google App Engine which relayed the call to the Core. All code for the web server, the core, and the Arduino used to drive the lights is at

Some basic features of the lights:

  1. Auto Mode- adjusts color temperature based on what time of day it is. Similar to fl.ux on the computer.
  2. Notification System- Flashes the strip for around a second when a notification come in from IFTTT
  3. IFTTT- Allows the core to be texted or emailed. Also turns off the LEDs when my phones location leaves the area.

Uses the Spark Time Library found at


Nice! I know a lot of people want to use IFTTT with the core, so that’s exciting! :smile:

Thanks for sharing your code and project!

For Python web servers, you could also use PythonAnywhere. I enjoy the ease of access on this.

I signed up a bit ago for an IFTTT account. I was looking for just a generic way to post data to the Spark API, kind of like a most recent tutorial on Zapier. I don’t see it, although it was only a passing glance looking for it.

With Spark.publish and server sent events, this should be a lot easier, and webhooks should follow shortly as well. :slight_smile:

PythonAnywhere looks neat :slight_smile: