Favorite Recipes

Has anyone created any favorite recipes using Spark so far? Any specific channels it would be helpful to have examples in relation to?

When I was first testing I setup my Android phone to light the D7 LED on my core when I joined the office Wi-Fi network, and to turn the LED off when I disconnected from that network. Worked great while I had that Core online. I think we want some more interesting ones though for the release.

Who uses IFTTT out there? Which potential integrations strike you as the most mind-blowing? This thread is for brainstorming!

Hello @Steph i create todays weather to display from spark core :slight_smile:

Some photos :blush:


This is great - thanks @yasin!!

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Currently using a couple of different ones on my thermostat setup. I’ve got one for power outage detection/core offline detection, that sends me a text if a pin (with a resistor divider) drops below a certain level or if it goes offline. I also have the Android IFTTT app setup to notify the core when I exit and enter my home area, to turn down/ turn up the heat. That part is only partially implemented on the core end so far… This is the main feature that I wanted IFTTT for, as I was originally looking building a custom app with geofence detection. And then I remembered that I hate Java. :smile:

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I’ve started using the spark.publish to email functionality extensively in my garage door monitor project - it is exactly what I’ve been looking for!!! I was trying to use Pushingbox, which is great, but I couldn’t get the HTML client library to work reliably. Cloud stuff, like publish, variables, and functions, are much more reliable than trying to open a web client, and my core doesn’t seem to disconnect/reconnect from the cloud anymore, either. I can request the status of the core, which gets me door positions, number of door cycles in the last 24 hours, core uptime, RSSI, and time sent. I can request a button push on either door, which opens or closes the door. And I get notified when I’ve left a door open for more than 15 minutes. The notification emails even have a mailto link in them to create those function requests by just clicking on them and sending. Friggin’ awesome, and while it was always my intention to do email notification when I left a door open, I never thought I’d get to the point where I could email back and close it! I will play with the app based notifications soon, as they may eliminate some of the lag involved in email transit times… LOVING this IFTTT integration - it is the backend processing that Spark needs!

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Thanks so much @brianr - this is fantastic :slight_smile: Really appreciate you sharing your recipes and thoughts.

I take it everything has been working smoothly so far?