Transfer particles from one product to a new product

We are reorganizing our fleet of Particle Electrons, as part of the reorganization we are creating new products groups and I already start the process of moving the particle from the old group to the new one. After the move of all particles we proceed to turn on the Particle electron and basically old the particles went into Quarantine mode inside of the old product. Can you please help me and show me what is the right process to move the particles electron from one product to another


Since you have Electrons, you most likely still have a


line in your source code (with your product ID, not 1234). This must match the product ID of the new product you've moved them into, otherwise the device will go into the old product and typically into quarantine. In other words, you'll need to flash new firmware to the device to switch products.

(This is no longer an issue with Gen 3 devices and Device OS 4.0 and later, which do not use PRODUCT_ID() and only use the product that the device was added to on the cloud side.)

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