Product ID not being updated


I’m having trouble successfully getting my product ID and version transferred to my P1 based hardware.
I’ve set the macros at the top of main (just under #includes) as described here


However when I read device information using the JS library, ‘productId’ is still showing as 8 (not my product ID).
I’ve managed to get one device to show it’s productId successfully by manually importing it into my organisation dashboard. Do I have to import every device into the organisation dashboard? I assumed the above step was to avoid having to do this?

@BDub any ideas here?

@G65434_2 I’ve pinged @jeiden about your question to see if he has a quick answer. If one doesn’t come, feel free to ping me again and I’ll look into this. Thanks!

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@G65434_2 Have these devices with the product ID connected to the cloud yet? If not, they won’t show up until they do. If you’d like them to appear before they connect to the cloud, you can import them from the dashboard

Hi @jeiden

Yes they have, what I’m saying is that even when they are connected to the cloud they aren’t returning the correct product ID. This is what’s getting returned from spark.listDevices:

@jeiden @BDub any thoughts here? Seems like a lot of people must be shipping products in quantity already so is this just a problem I’m having?

@G65434_2 You will have to import these devices from the dashboard. This is a security measure to ensure that authorized organization members are purposefully allowing these devices to identify as your product

The only ways to change the product_id flag set for a device is to import from the dashboard, or at manufacture time, provision the device in Particle’s database with your custom product ID.

You should create a csv with all device IDs that will have your product ID programmed onto them, and import these devices from the dashboard. You shouldn’t have to check the “Force devices to switch to this product” checkbox as your devices will have your Product ID already in the firmware.

Make sense?

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