Products and quarantined devices

I have moved a few devices around to different products and they are getting quarantined.
How can I move them without this happening?

I clicked deny and now they are stuck listed in the denied devices list, how do I remove them?

If your devices are running application firmware referencing a different product ID, the devices will end up in quarantine.

Yeah, I really hate the product id thing. It has caused me issues in the past with the mix of desktop ide and web ide flip backward and forward.

I'm trying to manage all my devices separately per customer location and I've created a workflow where every device starts on a personal account, gets transferred to a org product that pushes my firmware, receives a hardware test, and then the devices are deployed out to a staged customer, once customers cloud integrations are tested and set up properly, the customer is then changed to production.

The quarantined thing I guess really doesn't matter but it would be nice to auto-reject all quarantined devices. If they are not quarantined rejected, do they still receive publish events from that proudct? Even if they are claimed to another product?

What version of Device OS are the devices running? If you are using Device OS 4.x LTS or Device OS 5.x it shouldn't be possible for a device to go into quarantine.

Quarantine occurred when a device had a PRODUCT_ID specified in the firmware but was not pre-added to a product. In Device OS 4.x and later, we took out PRODUCT_ID so the only way a device can be added to a product is to add its Device ID from the console or API.

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4.1.0, I guess I forgot about the product_id removal. So if they are 4.1.0 without product_id set, then how are they ending up quarantined?

There must be some edge case. I'd need to know the exact steps.

I'd guess it has something to do with removing the device from the product but it somehow coming back online still believing it was part of that product or something like that. But once the device comes online in the correct product it should disappear from quarantine, so it's not exactly clear what is happening.

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