Tracker SOM eval board -- USB not working

I have a Tracker SOM eval board fresh out of the box. I think the “MCU_USB” connector is not working.

  1. Device does not power on with USB connected and “SOM_PWR_SW” switch ON.
  2. Device does not enter DFU mode when connected by USB. Even when manually setting to DFU mode with the pushbuttons. It’s not detected by my computer and I can’t talk to it via CLI.
  3. “STAT”/charge LED indicator does not turn on with LiPo and USB both connected.
  4. “STAT”/charge LED indicator turns on with LiPo and external power.
  5. Device turns ON with LiPo power. The device works besides the USB issue, I have provisioned the device; it is publishing data; breathing cyan LED; I successfully OTA flashed (with stock Tracker Edge firmware); etc.
  6. The hardware setup is barebones with just the included components. I haven’t connected anything else to it yet.
  7. I’m able to connect to my Tracker One device by USB (which should rule out issues with my computer or usb cable).

I believe this is a hardware level issue, possibly at the USB connector. I am looking for any tips to debug/repair or replace the unit.

Thank you

Please create a support ticket at so we can help you address the problem.