Tracker SoM (eval Board) not working from battery

My tracker SoM does not work off the battery provided with the Eval board. Is there anything I need to enable in firmware or switches on the hardware side to make this work?
I've got the Bat_SW ON, SOM_PWR_SW ON, WITHBAT On and a1800mAh 3.7V Lipo battery connected to the LI+ connector. battery fully charged.

Was the Tracker previously in shipping mode? A device can only come out of shipping mode by powering externally by USB or VIN, not by battery (even disconnecting and reconnecting the battery).

The device has been working perfectly fine when powered by USB, but the moment I unplug the USB it dies, so it is not able to switch to battery power.

Those the the right switches.

Just to be sure: the red/+ side of the LiPo JST-PH connector is closest to the barrel connector, right? There's no standard for it, and many LiPo batteries off Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress are wired the opposite of Particle/Adafruit/Sparkfun batteries.

Yes, it is wired correctly. we got the whole package with battery and tracker SoM eval board from particle io.

Very strange. If you flip the BAT_SW switch off, does the red CHARGE STATUS LED blink several times before going off?

No, there is no sign from the charge status LED, it only blinks on initial connection of the USB cable to the PC. I've also attached a different battery of which I am certain it is in good condition, to no effect. it seems to be on the board. from what I gather this seems to be a hardware issue then.

It does seem like a hardware issue to me.

Luckily we're planning on running it off the DC barrel plug later anyway, I guess I'll make that switch now. Thanks for working through this with me!

My eval board was missing the jumper on J14 out of the box. Reviewing the schematics shows it being required for the battery to work so I'm not sure why it wasnt installed. Anyways, installing one of the extra provided ones on J14 (and keeping the existing jumper on J15) got it working.

Thanks, I hadn't noticed, and indeed this fixed it! There should probably be a note in the setup guide somewhere to check for the jumpers.

Battery questions:

  1. What is the maximum current draw from the battery when VIN on pin 49 is disconnected?
  2. Are the current consumption peaks on pp. 18-19 (Power Consumption tables) for the battery?
  3. What is the constant battery charge current set to (not the constant voltage)?

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