Boron SOM Eval board not showing battery state in Particle console

I have a eval board (v1.1) that doesn’t show it’s battery life in the console. I have 5 others that are showing, running the same code on the same hardware config. Am I missing something to get that data to show up?

Are the jumpers missing on J13? Double check the PMIC and fuel gauge jumpers to be sure.

Also capturing a USB serial debug log may help because if there’s a problem communicating with the fuel gauge that might be logged. However, it may be logged too early, before the USB serial connects.

Thanks for the fast reply!
All jumpers are present and accounted for. I have a Particle debugger, would that catch the errors you are talking about?

Maybe more worrisome, on one of the bsom that is connecting I show SoC @ 84% locally but 100% on the cloud:

FuelGauge fuelGuage;


loop(){"SoC=%.2f", fuelGuage.getSoC());

consoles 0000284654 [app] INFO: SoC=84.91
but the panel shows me

There is are two SoC functions for local reading getSoC() and getNormalizedSoc() - the cloud shows the normalized version.

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