Tracker One M8 connector

Is there more information about the M8 connector for us start building out an accessory while waiting for the Tracker One to ship?

The pin-outs are available in the datasheet now.

The M8, 8-pin, IP67 connector is standard, but kind of hard to find. The diameter is a 8mm. While there are other connectors like M12 that are more common, using a larger connector would have required a taller case.

We will have for sale a M8 8-pin female to leads cable. The specifics may vary but picture something like an M8 8-pin female molded right-angle connector on one end of a 1 meter round cable with the other end stripped and tinned leads. You could then pass the wires through a gland in your expansion case and you would then terminate the wires on your custom expansion board. The details and price will be available closer to release.

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