Tracker One VIn

The document suggests:

Supports up to 90V when connecting directly to the carrier board.

Where is this pin located? Is it the same as the JST connector that goes to the M8 connector?

Yes, the JST B8B-PH connector that’s normally connected to the M8 panel connector.

There’s also a spot very close by where VIN could be supplied via soldered wires or an added connector. It’s just two plated through holes on the board.

Got it.

Is the diode between Vin and Vin1 restricting the supply of more than 30V via the M8 connector?

No, the diode is just to prevent current from flowing backwards into the M8 connector when powered by USB.

The 30V limit on the M8 connector is only because of the rating of the connector itself.

:+1: all set for the integration of power supply more than 30V!

Thanks @rickkas7

One more question about the connector… Is it commonly available? I am working on a project and would like to get some locally to integrate them.

The M8 8-pin is standard, but it’s not common and can be difficult to source. We’ll have the cables and the exterior connector available in the Particle store shortly.

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