Tracker One cable for the M8 expansion connector

Tutorials section “” says the following cables are available:

ONEM8CABEA Tracker One M8 Accessory Cable (Straight)
ONEM8CABRAEA Tracker One M8 Accessory Cable (Right Angle)

Do not see them available in the Particle Store, so where/how do I get one of these cables?

The M8 to flying leads cables have not been added to the stores yet, but should be added in the next few weeks. They’re being manufactured now.

Can you provide us with alternatives or where else we can purchase a cable? This should have been part of the Tracker Order.

I per-ordered my Tracker One but it has been sitting in a box because I have not had the time to figure out a cable. And now it’s going to cost me $40USD to ship one from the store.

This M8 cable from DigiKey works, however it’s quite expensive.

  • The color code is different than the Particle cable
  • While the right-angle version also exists, it faces the opposite way, so when you plug it into the M8 connector The Phoenix right-angle cable blocks the USB port.

Do you plan on having your distributors have these anytime soon? In the past I have usually bought from Canadian distributors but they don’t seem to carry anything related to the Tracker One

Digikey Canada has this for $66.

Anything can be done to make these cables more accessible? Atleast a more reasonable
Shipping rate for them would be nice.

It seems rather hard to come across them from anywhere else.


To Confirm:

This would work as well? m8

That specific right angle connector will interfere with a plugged USB cable for Tracker ONE. I have used the straight connector version of that Phoenix series.