TotalControl Windows Version

So I was just done making a version of this with android studio… Now it’s rewritten with Xamarin using Urhosharp (As I have another project using this)

Install the app on your windows device, enter email and password for the particle cloud and you’re good to go. It automaticly makes buttons for all your published functions and if you give a int variable the same name as your function with value “1” or “2” it will make the textcolor of the button red/green accordingly. ‘Esc’ closes the app, ‘F11’ toggles fullscreen. Some sample code for your particle devices can be found in my other topic for the android version of this one.

Hope it works and it’s of any use to anyone… (I tested it on my windows 10 pc and my windows 7 laptop)


By request on github:

I’d recommend using a more trustworthy way to share your project than a .rar on Dropbox.

Perhaps you would like to try using GitHub?


Github would make it opensource? :slight_smile: Dropbox was quickest way for me to upload without any, hassle… People also have virusscanners nowadays. The rar file is because visual studio’s publish creates a set of files to install. I’m not obligating anybody to download it :slight_smile: Just thought I would share and make somebody’s life a little easier…

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Until you clean up your Dropbox and we’re left with a dead link. Also, with github, it’s easier to accept outside help, should you want to.

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I never touch my dropbox, it’s not installed on pc. And I never need help coding :wink:

But if you really want it on github… First post updated… :slight_smile: