InternetButton SimonSays and a Mobile Controller, plus more!

Simon Says, I’m sure everyone has seen projects like that out there. I wanted to make a challenge by creating a mobile controller. I got everything working and built out the sample further by adding a few other binary files and some other mobile functionality if paired with an InternetButton. The gifs are too large to upload, but I have them all posted on GitHub. Their are two gifs, one depicting the InternetButton and the other is a QuickTime video of the iOS device. I’m going to be adding the pieces I need to finish the Android implementation of the sample.

The sample is also written with Xamarin.Forms in C#. It utilizes a ParticleSDK that I created based on the spark-ios-sdk that is available. The SDK is also hosted on NuGet of course. I wrote this project before I implemented events in the SDK. I opened an issue against the sample to one day add a supplementary simon says that utilizes events for the feedback loop.

Has anyone else done stuff with Xamarin and Particle?

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Hi Dr Watson,
I’m really interested in this piece of work. It’s been a while since this and subsequent posts on the subject but I’m positive that there is still huge interest in the community in progressing the Xamarin Particle app. I read elsewhere that you had begun a blog on the topic, but unfortunately the link is no longer active. I for one would be very keen to read any material that you have put together. I have just this morning cloned the git repo to load it into Visual Studio and see if it makes any sense to me. I will need to spend some time working through it. But I’m very keen to do so. I’m kind of at a cross roads right now. I would like to go down the Xamarin Road. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll probably go back to looking at straight up Android instead, and forego the opportunity to include iOS & Windows in the scope.