Hey Sparklers! How about the Internet Button?

Dear Sparklers,

Excuse me for putting a bit of duplicated title with this post, as this one goes to be a bit different indeed. :wink:

Firstly, as one the very first backers of Spark Core, I’d like to express appreciates to your wonderful works on Photon, you are really making FANTASTIC things here!

In the meantime, may I know the status of the example “Internet Button”?
Will you make it alive soon?

I believe this should be a very straight forward and useful function.

Something came to my mind like:

  1. Make this little gadget to be the simplest and most aboriginal I/O thing, with and LED (in), and a button (out).
  2. As of the access of internet, a button could trigger a bunch of things to happen, just like the Butterfly Effect, or just integrate it with IFTTT. :smiley:
  3. And for the feedback from internet, the LED is there to express.

Application scenarios could be like:

  1. Shared resource accessing from multiple clients.
    With several such buttons, each for a client. Press to request for usage, waiting for the LED changing it’s color to confirm the availability of that resource.
  2. Simple internet logic triggering.
    May be placing an order for a breakfast, and sends it to 777 Spark Lane at 8:00 a.m, with the LED showing the status.
    Or just sends an email to the Spark Community saying: good morning, talents!

Of course, such applications needs some extra logic to access the APIs of corresponding web services.
And there must be a bunch more ways to make use of the simple button.

Hmmm… sort of like the bttn, but Spark is open!

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Hey @librae8226 - First off thank you so much for the very very kind words :slight_smile: Notes like that make long hours and hard work completely worth it.

We are in fact working on some pretty sweet examples for that “Internet Button”. We have a few more announcements up our sleeves that have to do with this so we’re waiting until we’ve got all our pieces in place before posting all of this info.

That said, I think it is an awesome idea to get thinking about application scenarios that you would love to see examples of! Breakfast at Spark Lane and good morning messages are an awesome start - anything else you (or anyone) would like to see examples for??