Making an Internet button


I would like to put together a WiFi connected IoT internet button. What I really would like is something that looks like this:

And is open and connectable like this:

I’d like a very simple connectable button in a dead-simple form factor. Can anyone suggest how I would get started making something like this?


A 3D printer would help with the enclosure. A laser cutter might work too. Woodwork is also an option.
For connectivity, but a Particle in there :wink: Although you could do SO much more with a Particle than limiting it to just one button action…
This is possible too:

Or using this:

The electronics part is just a pullup resistor and a button, in some designs the actual plastic the user presses in turn presses on the soldered down button, instead of the user directly pressing the real button.

In the firmware you can register a interrupt or busy poll the input used, then publish an event to the cloud or call a http url directly.

The photon will be very bored, but simple projects can be useful too :slight_smile:

Then at least stuff some ambient sensors in it, give the poor thing something to do :wink: Unless you want to run it on battery, in which case it should sleep most of the time… :sleeping:

Sorry, I will neither join this one nor start another rant here, but I’ll have to jump in:
The button ktodyruik is an absolute legitimate appliction as it is.
Why put sensors into it, make it more fragile and collect informations you simply may not need?

I think, we’re beyond that. If you take a look at some modern watches, they collect heart beats by numbers in ordered fashion. And although they do all day long, the accompanying phone remains at a bored status.

Less is still more. If this simple button is as good as it could be, like e.g. including a power source, that’s a perfect use of a photon.