Internet Button open source?

I am very interested into Internet button, it is connected to 11 LED but I think it doesn’t use 11 IO pins to control the LED individually, so I want to look into the Internet button to see how it make it to work.

They are neopixels, digital LEDS, requiring only one pin to drive. They each contain a chip (WS2812b), which will control the leds independently from the microcontroller once they’ve gotten the command. If you search for neopixels, you’ll find plenty of guides, especially on Adafruit.

And as to open source, yep! We’ll put up the eagle files and some other assets soon. @Moors7 is exactly right, too- just one digital pin, and that one’s I used is labeled on the silkscreen as “LED”


@Dick , have the eagle files for the Internet Button been posted? Are they still online? I’ve been looking for a schematic without any luck so far.

could this help?

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Thanks @gusgonnet . Both of those pages popped up fairly quickly in my search. Both were somewhat helpful although simply taking the button apart to look at the board did about as much good! I did find the part number for the accelerometer so that helped. The best help so far is simply the button header file which confirmed what I just learned about the pin mapping by tinkering with ‘Tinker’. While waiting for those eagle files to magically appear somewhere in cyberspace, I’m poking through the button library to see what other hints I can discover. Quite a nifty little toy! Thanks again.

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Is this more helpful

The schematics can be found here
shields/internet-button-v130.pdf at master · particle-iot/shields · GitHub

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Perfectamento @ScruffR ! Both links were useful, the pdf slightly more so but I do have Eagle as well. The schematic is about what I envisioned. The mispelling of the company name was cute - sort of suggests a tire company on the Indus river. Thanks to all who helped and especially ScruffR, you are indeed a gentleman and a scholar.

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