Internet Button Buzzer Pinout

I cannot seem to find the pinouts for the Internet Button
What output pin is the buzzer connected to?
How are the LEDs wired?

Hey @Geotek50, if you take the opaque plastic cover off then you’ll be able to see the silkscreen, which documents all the pins used by the shield. You can also see it in the renderings here:

The LEDs are Neopixels, so only one pin is used (and the rest of the LEDs are connected in series), and the buzzer is connected to D0. The quickest starting point is to use the Internet Button library, which abstracts some of the complexity and explains all of the features through examples:


Hi @Dick, I have been working with the Internet Button connected to the Photon device. I understand that only one pin is used to control all the LEDs (as you said), but I have not found any references about what is the pin used to control the LEDs.

Could you tell me what Photon pin is controlling the Internet Button LEDs?

Tanks in advance!

NeoPixels are connected to D3
And the Buzzer is connected to D0

Thank you so much for your quick response, I really appreciate all that you and your team does for us. =)

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Nice, thanks @ScruffR! All the used pins are also called out in the silkscreen on the board, so you know what’s in use as you plug things into those through-board headers.

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What about “int”? Please tell me that one is hooked up to one of the INT1 / 2 from ADXL362. Is it?

the Interrupt pin from the accelerometer is wired up to the WKP (A7) pin of the photon

Awesome! Which one? INT1 or INT2?

Good question! That will be INT1 as shown here: