Can one use i2C with Internet Button

The Particle Internet Button shield uses the Photon’s D0 pin to control the buzzer (source).
The Photon uses pins D0 (SDA) and D1 (SCL) for i2C communication (source).

Will the connection of pin D0 to the buzzer affect the operation of the i2C, even if I’m not actively using the buzzer.
That is, can I still use i2C on a Particle Internet Button, or would I have to remove the shield from the Photon?


I haven’t tried it myself, but since the buzzer may well impact the I2C, but the required pull-up resostor for I2C and the communication will most likely cause the buzzer to sound - which would be rather annoying :wink:
I have no clue why Particle decided to cripple the I2C by not attaching the buzzer to another otherwise unused pin like D2 or A0.

If you are adventurous you could cut the D0 trace to the buzzer and reroute the buzzer with a jumper wire to D2.

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Thanks ScruffR.

I ran some code, and don’t seem to be establishing communication properly. At the same time the buzzer is oddly quiet.

Considering just desoldering the buzzer to test and see if there’s any difference.

Have you got the required pull-up resistors in place?

D0 -> 4k7 -> 3v3 or Vin
D1 -> 4k7 -> 3v3 or Vin
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Yip, using the Adafruit BMP180, it comes with pull-up resistors already installed.