How to change buzzer pin in InternetButton's Library? [SOLVED]

I’m really new to programming and electronics in general.
I have prototyped something with the InternetButton and now I’m building a new hardware prototype from scratch, based on the InternetButton, plus adding a TFT LCD and other stuff.
The thing is the buzzer’s original pin (D0) is already taken by the TFT’s D/C pin and I want to avoid rewiring it.

I would like to know how can I modify the library to assign D2 as the buzzers pin instead of D0.
I can’t find it in the library. Any suggestions?

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I found it here:

The library is hosted on GitHub here:

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Thanks a lot! don’t know how i missed that… :grin:

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Why not just use the respective libraries for the parts you’re using? The internetbutton library is basically just a mashup of various libraries.

As I said before the original prototype was done using InternetButton and progressively got more complex from there. I needed a fast way o reusing all the code I already had, this was the fastest/simplest solution I could think of.

This is just a proof of concept to be shown tomorrow, eventually I’ll have to use the original libraries as you well said.